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More Sweets

We are very grateful to More Sweets for their in-kind sponsorship of our "sweetmeats", in the form of Fruit Caramels (it'll all make sense if you see the show!). Please do check out their eBay shop and show them some support, they've been great. Thank you!

About More Sweets

More Sweets is an online sweet shop where you can buy old-fashioned and retro sweets - just like your old local sweet shop you visited as a child. Ingredients and sell by dates are supplied on all sweets, and new products are added to the site weekly. If there's a particular favourite you remember, but can't track down, drop them an email and they'll do their best to source it for you.

Orange Girl Productions is currently on the look-out for sponsorship for our Edinburgh Fringe 2017 production of "Nell". If you think you might be interested in partnering with us, please do drop us a line.

Previous Sponsors

Edinburgh Fringe 2015:

Arts & Business Scotland

New Arts Sponsorship Grant

The New Arts Sponsorship Grant scheme incentivises businesses to sponsor the arts in Scotland. It is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Arts & Business Scotland. An arts organisation receiving an eligible business sponsorship can apply for £1 of funding for every £1 of sponsorship. The funding goes towards additional arts activity, for which the sponsor receives additional business benefits.

We were fortunate enough to receive a New Arts Sponsorship Grant of £1500 towards our production costs for "Nell Gwyn: An Epilogue" at 2015's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As a condition of this sponsorship, we obtained partner sponsorship from Strange Company Ltd (see below).

Please visit www.aandbscotland.org.uk for more information about Arts & Business Scotland, and the New Arts Sponsorship Grant.

Strange Company Ltd

Strange Company logo

Strange Company is the production company of virtual filmmaking pioneer Hugh Hancock. Founded in 1997 by Hugh Hancock and Gordon McDonald, Strange Company is the world’s oldest ‘Machinima‘ production company. In addition, Hugh provides consultancy services and assistance to those seeking to make films. He kindly provided his services for us at no cost, making our original production trailer as in-kind sponsorship to the value of £1500, to match our NAS funding (see above), and make us eligible for this grant.

Still from "Nell" Trailer

Currently, Hugh is working on advanced “performance capture” using world-class motion capture technology, combined with Machinima techniques – and you can follow the latest updates, excitement and misadventure on the Strange Company blog: http://www.strangecompany.org/blog/

Further information about Hugh and Strange Company can be found at http://www.strangecompany.org/